A website that ought to induce people to download PWA Magnit with an audience of 200,000+ users. The goal is to increase PWA magnit downloads.

Spoiler: Metrics increased
Downloads 144%
GMV 120%
Paying Users 132%


The retention rate on PWA Magnit in 4 months is 950% higher than in the browser, so we need to increase downloads PWA Magnit.

To identify potential growth areas, we developed prototypes and conducted research, interviews, market research, and usability tests.
Solving problems
I designed a user flow so that anyone may download PWA Magnit on any device and from any location.
Redirected the user flow to the target action.
According to usability testing, we identified the PWA Magnit download banner variant that converts the best.
Complete text, image, message, block, and problem-solving processing enabled us to x2.4 times boost download volume.
We have achieved our goal of increasing PWA Magnit downloads!
Number of downloads 144%
Gross merchandise value 120%
Users with 1+ transaction 132%
Other metrics remain stable

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